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Fast charging, designed for cities.

Charging Stalls

Cities lack the infrastructure necessary to give drivers the confidence to go electric. Most companies are reluctant to build out large-scale fast charging sites because currently the rate of EV adoption in cities is low, but urban drivers cannot realistically make the switch without access to sites where they can quickly and reliably fuel up.

Revel is solving this dilemma by pairing our all-electric rideshare fleet with our publicly-accessible fast charging infrastructure. Our Superhubs power our rideshare fleet, personal EVs and other fleets, easing the transition to electric for everyone else.

Our Superhubs

Level 3 fast charging

Get 100 miles in under 20 minutes with our 150 kW chargers.

Accessible to any EV

Our chargers are compatible with any EV make or model. Need CCS or Tesla? We’ve got you.

No hidden fees

At our Superhubs, you’ll never be surprised by additional parking fees—pay only for your charge.*

*Posted parking rates may apply after 1 hour at select sites

Any day, any time

No frustrating trips only to find out the lot is closed. Recharge on your time with 24/7 charging.

Revel electric car super chargerRevel electric car super charger

Leading the charge toward EV adoption in New York City.

In the next year, Revel is opening access to fast charging for all New Yorkers and expanding Superhubs to the Bay Area.

South Williamsburg
262 S 4th St., Brooklyn, NY 11211

15 fast charging stalls

Open 24/7
467 Marcy Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11206

25 fast charging stalls

Open 24/7
Long Island City
28-17 42nd Road, Queens, NY 11101

14 fast charging stalls

Open 24/7
(Ring bell for access during late night hours)
Red Hook Recharge Zone
Coming soon!
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