Everything we do at Revel is made possible by our team. We’re a diverse, values-driven group that’s working towards an exciting mission: to accelerate EV adoption by providing the infrastructure and services that make it easy to go electric.

If our mission and our values speak to you, we hope you’ll consider applying for one of our open roles.

Our Values


“Empathy means providing a safe place for people to feel comfortable expressing themselves and a team they can rely on - it makes a world of difference to an individual.”

- Jacob I., Driver Operations Team


“Ownership means approaching every new challenge with excitement and a relentless drive to find a resolution - no problem is insurmountable.”

- Yousef M., Strategy & Operations Team


“Humility means not putting yourself above the team. It means no job is too big or too small & doing what it takes for the company to succeed.”

- Veronica H., People Team


“Simplicity means distilling problems down to their core. When we ask ‘what are we really trying to answer?’, we’re able to focus our efforts on straightforward and meaningful solutions.”

- Mikaela J., Data Science Team


“Adaptability means wearing multiple hats and getting creative with problem solving. Your work can change daily and this provides you with the opportunity to grow professionally, all while making a difference within our workforce and in the communities we operate in."

- Jocelyn J., Customer Experience Team

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