Our Mission

Revel's mission is to accelerate EV adoption by providing the infrastructure and services that make it easy to go electric.

Making Change Today

While other companies set goals for 2030, we’re focused on change we can make today. We’re also focused on cities, which have the biggest barriers to EV adoption but the most potential for change.

Since 2018, we’ve removed these obstacles one by one. At first, we didn’t see enough mobility options in cities, so we introduced a fleet of shared electric mopeds.

The “Chicken or Egg” Problem

Over time, it became clear to us that there was also a “chicken or egg” dilemma stalling urban EV adoption - cities don’t have enough fast charging stations because EV ownership is low, but people who live in cities are reluctant to switch to EVs because they don’t have easy access to charging.

Driving EV Adoption

How do we solve this problem? By pairing our all-electric, all-employee rideshare service with a network of ultra-fast, universally-compatible EV charging Superhubs.

Revel Rideshare provides an electric option that riders can feel good about and creates demand for our Superhubs, allowing us to build them in dense city neighborhoods. Our Superhubs power our rideshare fleet, personal EVs and other fleets, easing the transition to electric for consumers and professional drivers.