Our Mission

Revel is accelerating EV adoption in cities

Cities can be better

Cities lead in air pollution and lag in EV adoption. The missing piece is reliable public fast charging. So where is it?

The chicken or the egg

Cities lack public fast charging for two reasons: they are expensive to develop in, and so far there aren’t enough EV drivers to justify the costs. But there aren’t enough EV drivers because they have nowhere to charge.

Cities are the most challenging territory in the EV transition. Revel’s model is built to solve this problem.

Changing the EV equation

We have paired our public fast charging stations with the nation’s first all-electric rideshare platform. The more electric rides we provide, the more chargers we can put in the ground, and the easier it is for everyone else to electrify with us.

The Revel effect

With the support of our public fast charging network, New York has become the first U.S. city to require its entire rideshare industry to go electric by 2030.

Where New York goes, goes the country. Will your city be next?

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