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Financial stability with flexibility

Keep the hustle without the hassle

Pick up a cleaned and charged vehicle before you hit the road, and we’ll cover the costs — including insurance, maintenance, and charging.

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Revel driver in a car at night
Go electric
With access to charged electric vehicles, drivers can go electric seamlessly.
Steady earnings
Reliable and flexible earnings, plus keep 100% of your tips.
No vehicle costs
Revel covers all costs of the vehicle, so all you have to do is show up and drive.
Do I need special insurance to drive for Revel?

No—you are covered. Our vehicles are all registered and insured according to local regulations allowing you to drive hassle free.

What type of vehicles will I be driving?

Our EV fleet currently includes Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model 3, and Kia Niro. All vehicles are insured and maintained by us - including cleaning and charging. 

Where do I pick up a vehicle?

Pick up a vehicle at one of our charging depots located in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.

How is Revel’s Rideshare Service different from other services?

You do not need to use your personal car to drive with us! Plus, we work with our driver community to find each driver the schedule and vehicle pick-up & drop-off location that best fit their needs and preferences. 

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