A Revel employee charging Revel's fleet of Teslas at the Bedford-Stuyvesant charging site
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Revel charging sites are reliable, high-volume and fast — the experience EV owners want. We know what it takes to develop charging hubs to meet ever-rising demand, and we have the expertise to make them a reality in big cities.

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Cars at Revel's Williamsburg charging site garage

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Does Revel build private charging facilities?

All of our sites are designed to be publicly-accessible. However, we can work with fleet operators on a combined use model.

What is the construction timeline?

Typically, our sites require 18-24 months from lease signing to operation.  The bulk of that timeline is waiting on the local utility to upgrade power capacity.  From the time we have the required power delivered to the site, we usually only need 2-3 months to complete our scope of work.

How much power is required on-site?

Revel sites need +/- 100-150 kW of available capacity per charging stall.  We target a range of 15-25 stalls per site.

Does Revel purchase or lease real estate?

Revel leases the sites that it develops for charging stations, and has strategic partners with whom we can explore potential purchase opportunities.

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