Experience Revel Rideshare

All-Tesla. All-electric. Professional employee drivers.

Rides so good we’re gonna need more than 5 stars

Expect the same great ride again and again and again... and again.

Power outlets

Yes, you CAN borrow our charger. Keep all your devices charged with multiple outlets.

You’re the boss, applesauce

Every car has an interactive touchscreen to control the temp. Applesauce not included.

Heated seats

Control the temperature of your seats for a truly luxurious ride.

Drive for Revel

We pay for maintenance, insurance, and car charging. You just enjoy the drive.

Others say someday, we say today

Crazy idea: let's stop talking about electric in 2030 and start talking about being all-electric today.

We're building fast-charging Superhubs that not only charge our all-electric fleet, but will be available for all EVs. Our first hub is now open in Brooklyn.

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