Red Hook Recharge Zone

The Red Hook Recharge Zone (RHRZ) is a project by Revel, Empire Clean Cities, Green City Force and the Red Hook Initiative to bring public EV fast charging, grid resiliency, and green jobs training to the Red Hook neighborhood. In 2022, the project won $7 million from the New York State Research and Development Authority’s (NYSERDA) Clean Transportation Prize Program, designed to help electrify the communities that can benefit the most from zero-emission transportation.

Why is the RHRZ special?

20 150kW bi-directional fast chargers capable of charging an EV in 10 to 20 minutes

Bi-directional charging allows Revel to feed energy back into the grid from its EVs when power demand is at its peak. This is also known as Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G), which Revel is pioneering in New York. Revel will also offer multi-modal charging at the RHRZ.

Grid-scale solar generation and battery storage

Renewable energy and storage will support local grid resiliency and can provide back-up power when the grid is most stressed, like severe weather events.

Multi-use community center offering green jobs training

Empire Clean Cities and Green City Force will provide job training related to electric vehicles, batteries and other clean technologies.

All on-site electrical equipment will be built above the 100-year floodplain

Ensuring this is long-lasting infrastructure for generations to come.
“Projects like the Red Hook Recharge Zone represent everything our clean energy transition is about. Combining vehicle to grid charging, battery storage, solar and workforce development is a powerhouse package that will help build out access to electric vehicles, lower emissions and make the community more sustainable well into the future.”
NYSERDA President & CEO Doreen M. Harris
“Publicly available EV Charging infrastructure is vital to accelerating adoption of zero-emission vehicles, particularly in cities like New York where many residents do not have access to charging at home. Empire Clean Cities is excited to continue our partnership with Revel, NYSERDA, and Green City Force to expand accessible fast charging options, offer EV workshops and trainings, and support pathways to green jobs.”
Joy Gardner, Executive Director of Empire Clean Cities
“Green City Force is thrilled to partner with Revel on this important environmental justice workforce initiative. We have had strong and deep roots in Red Hook for over a decade, and we see this partnership as another opportunity to strengthen those roots and ensure that Red Hook residents are at the forefront of significant investment in clean technology, good jobs, and a sustainable future.”
Tonya Gayle, Executive Director of Green City Force
“As Revel continues to expand access to electric mobility and build the EV charging infrastructure that New Yorkers need, we’re especially focusing on neighborhoods like Red Hook that are long overdue for this kind of investmentWe’re grateful to Governor Hochul and NYSERDA for this opportunity and look forward to working with our partners to provide Red Hook residents with the resources they need to go electric.”
Paul Suhey, Revel Co-founder & COO

Red Hook has been historically underserved by investments in transportation

The RHRZ will help residents more dependent on cars transition to zero-emission EVs.

On the Brooklyn shorefront, the neighborhood is at particular risk to rising seawater and storm surge from severe weather events

Grid resilient infrastructure like the RHRZ can help the power stays on when it’s needed most.

Red Hook is home to many For-Hire-Vehicle drivers who deliver rides across New York

Mayor Eric Adams has rightly committed to electrifying NYC’s rideshare industry by 2030. The RHRZ will give Red Hook drivers convenient access to affordable fast charging so they can feel confident switching to an EV.

Empire Clean Cities (ECC) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit environmental organization and designated U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities Coalition with a mission to ensure clean air for future generations. Through its partnerships with over 100 stakeholders composed of fleets, vehicle dealers, OEMs, and other related industry and community partners, ECC has helped displace 270 million gallons of petroleum and over 1.5 million tons of GHG emissions in the NY Metro region.

Green City Force (GCF) is working toward a “green city” rooted in social, economic, and environmental justice. Its AmeriCorps program prepares young adults aged 18-24 who reside in the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) and have a high school diploma or equivalency for careers through green service. GCF’s core belief is that service to help build green and equitable cities becomes an avenue to opportunity for a generation of young residents of public and low-income housing. Green City Force is a 501(c)3 organization.

The Red Hook Initiative (RHI) is a community-based organization in Red Hook, Brooklyn dedicated to empowering young people in the Red Hook neighborhood. RHI offers various programs, including youth empowerment, education and technology, and health and wellness, to address the challenges faced by the community. Through leadership development, employment opportunities, academic support, and access to healthcare services, RHI aims to foster the potential of young individuals, bridge the achievement gap, improve health outcomes, and advocate for social justice in Red Hook.