and Safety

We are committed to safety and working with cities to ensure safe riders and safe roads.

Here’s an overview of some of the things we do to keep our cities safer.


Heads Up!

We require all riders to wear a helmet regardless of local helmet laws. Each Revel is equipped with 2 different sized US-DOT certified helmets.

Our field technicians regularly visit each Revel. During the visit, they’ll perform a safety inspection, swap the battery (if needed), clean the helmets, and refill the case with disposable helmet liners. If you’d rather have a reusable liner of your very own we’ll send one to you FREE!

Before You Ride

Riding Rules

✓ Follow the traffic laws of your city
✓ Always wear a helmet
✓ No riding on sidewalks or bike lanes
✓ No crossing bridges or riding on highways

Riding Requirements

✓ You must be 21 or older
✓ You must have a valid driver’s license
✓ You must have a safe driving record
✓ You must provide a valid payment method

Motor Vehicles, Not Kick Scooters

✓ Revels are DMV-registered motor vehicles
✓ Revel can be parked in street legal spots
✓ Revels flow with regular traffic (no riding bikes lanes or sidewalks!)

Park Responsibly

✓ Turn off the throttle before you park
✓ Park with the back wheel perpendicular to the curb
✓ Make sure you’re legally parked (you are responsible for tickets incurred up to 24 hours)

Take a Lesson

If you’re an inexperienced rider, we offer in-person lessons to help you get started. Each lessons is about 30 minutes and we go over the basics of riding, rules for your city and how to park. An approved Revel account is required before booking a lesson. Book a lesson →

Watch Our Video

We encourage all our riders to take a lesson, but if you can’t get to a lesson, you can watch our in-depth ‘How to Video’ to help you get started.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact our customer support at [email protected].

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Male and female riding two Revel electric mopeds