Talk Safety

We want every Revel ride to be freeing and fun. But above all, we want you to be safe. Always follow traffic laws and road signs. Don’t forget, we offer free lessons.

  • Always Wear a Helmet

    We require all riders to wear a DOT approved helmet. Each Revel comes equipped with two different sized helmets.

  • Before You Ride

    Check your tires, brakes, and lights. Report any damages in the app.

  • 30 Mph Max

    Revel Mopeds are throttled to 30 mph for safety, so riding on highways or major bridges is strictly forbidden.

  • Parking

    Make sure your Revel is parked legally within the designated service area for the next 24 hours. Find more parking tips in the app.

  • No Bikes Lanes or Sidewalks

    Riding on sidewalks and bike lanes is strictly forbidden. Revel is made to travel with traffic, so you must stay on the road!

  • No Highways or Major Bridges

    Be sure to enable “avoid highways” in your navigation app.

  • Two Riders

    With the rear seat and extra helmet your Revel can accommodate a second rider.

Must Haves
to Ride

  • 21+

    Insurance requires all riders to be 21 or older.

  • Valid Driver License

    A motorcycle license is not required, but a valid driver’s license is.

  • You Must Wear a Helmet

    We require all riders to wear a DOT approved helmet. We include two sizes in every Revel. Choose the one that fits snugly, but comfortably.

How to Revel