Drive a Tesla for Revel

Starting pay up to $23/hr

Earn a consistent paycheck each week

Receive paid time off and other employment benefits

Stop paying thousands driving for competitors

With Revel you won't have to worry about expenses like insurance, lease payments, maintenance, tolls, and gas.

No vehicle costs

We save drivers over $400+ per week by covering all vehicle expenses, from maintenance and gas to insurance and lease payments.

No operating fees

We’ll cover the cost to maintain TLC license, tolls plus there’s no holding fee to lease a car.

Paid time off

Don't spend your time thinking about the extra hours you'll have to drive to make up for it.

Become a Revel employee

You will have access to health benefits (medical, dental, vision) and we commit a minimum of $250 towards the monthly cost.


Direct access to a local team dedicated to providing both in person and remote assistance.

Be part of a team

Relax with other drivers at our charging stations before and after shifts.


Earn a stable paycheck each week and have a consistent driving schedule.

Drive a Tesla for Revel

Join a team of drivers leading the transition to electric vehicles

*Terms & conditions apply. For additional information, please speak with your hiring manager.