Welcome to Revel’s Safety Innovation Lab

Welcome to Revel’s Safety Innovation Lab.

Since the inception of Revel in 2018, safety has always been paramount. In the U.S., we were the first shared micromobility company to provide two U.S. DOT-certified helmets with every vehicle and to offer free lessons from a lessons specialist seven days a week.

For people to truly reduce reliance on personally owned vehicles and embrace shared  transportation, the experience must be safe and seamless. We take safety seriously and have heavily invested in improving and constantly iterating our approach.

To ensure that we are always refining and communicating our developments, we’ve started the Revel Safety Innovation Lab — a cross-functional working group committed to finding new ways to improve safety on our platform. The Lab includes Revel employees as well as industry experts.

Here at the Lab, we will share some of the industry-leading technologies and tools Revel is continually employing to make our shared electric transportation modes safe for users and the public. We also aim to share our progress with other providers, engineers, and transportation professionals to make the shared mobility sector safer as a whole.

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