Samsara Safety Platform

With Revel’s new all-employee, all-electric Tesla rideshare service, our expectations for safety and a stellar experience for our drivers and passengers are exceedingly high.

Safety technology has come a long way since rideshare services first hit the scene more than 12 years ago, and Revel is poised to take full advantage of history and hindsight.

Making the Grade

All of our Tesla Model Y electric vehicles are equipped with Samsara Camera Technology, utilizing a dual-camera system recording both inside and outside of the vehicle during every shift. In addition to protecting the safety of drivers, customers, and all individuals on the road, the Samsara Camera Technology allows Revel to assign Safety Scores to drivers. 

The Safety Score is determined according to several safety-critical metrics, including: Harsh Driving (events such as a crash, harsh brake, harsh turn, or harsh acceleration), Driver Risk (no seatbelt, obstructed camera, or no mask), and Road Risk (not yielding, running a red light, or speeding).

To thrive and advance as a Revel employee, our drivers are required to maintain a weekly Safety Score of 90+ out of 100 points — straight As. By achieving this Safety Score on a consistent basis and providing exemplary service to passengers, drivers can earn bonuses.

Samsara in-vehicle safety camera

Making a Difference

Revel’s Safety Score metrics have a purpose — to prevent crashes and save lives. Our Driver Operations Team will use Safety Scores, trend reports, and coaching to reduce safety-critical incidents and improve driver behavior. 

With cloud-based capability, the Samsara platform also provides real-time detection of safety events and digital footage of each occurrence. This protects our drivers from false claims and decreases driver turnover by keeping safe drivers behind the wheel with the confidence that their good behavior will be recognized. We further reinforce a culture of driver safety with in-depth training and a reward system that promotes safe driving habits.

Director of Driver Operations Keith Williams trains Revel’s employee drivers

Using Samsara’s preventative maintenance tools, Revel Driver Ops can proactively schedule maintenance based on time, mileage, or driving hours, so we ensure our vehicles are always operating at their best. Real-time alerts also make it possible to anticipate safety-critical maintenance issues and fix them before they cause any injuries, crashes, or roadside breakdowns.

A safe experience is positive for all stakeholders — drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and other vehicles  — and further emphasizes our steadfast commitment to the communities in which we operate.

Welcome to the next generation of rideshare.

Revel employee drivers benefit from Samsara’s in-vehicle safety features

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