Moped Lessons

“We were always there. If someone wanted a lesson, they could literally call my mobile phone at any time of the day to set one up.”
— Frank Reig, Revel Co-Founder and CEO

When Revel first started with a pilot of 68 electric mopeds and a dream, both Frank and Paul Suhey, COO and Co-Founder, were the customer service reps, supply chain managers, company strategists, and lesson specialists. It was an all-hands-on-deck affair.

With the first lessons location near Cypress and Jefferson streets in Brooklyn, Frank and Paul would be on call to give lessons seven days a week.

“Without safety, we don’t have a company,” Frank would say.

Lessons were always considered an imperative piece to making Revel’s moped product a success. Our lessons have humble beginnings, but our process has blossomed into a first-of-its-kind program in the shared mobility space.

Over time, we’ve iterated and improved our thorough curriculum to provide a hands-on experience that prepares even novice riders for the fun and engaging experience of riding our all-electric mopeds.

Lesson Specialists with a Passion

Giving effective lessons starts with hiring stellar instructors. Revel seeks out lesson specialists that have a passion for two-wheeled mobility and technology. Our lessons team includes motorcycle enthusiasts, shared mobility company alumni, and those with strong ties to the communities where we operate. 

Lessons are designed to ensure safety, but also need to be engaging and encouraging, especially for new riders less experienced on two-wheeled vehicles. Our lessons specialists are skilled enough to teach those that have never ridden a bicycle, and discerning enough to know when a user needs extra support to reach curriculum milestones. 

Optimized Curriculum

Revel’s lessons curriculum has undergone a rigorous third-party validation process and we continuously consult industry experts to distill and master the more challenging aspects of riding our mopeds. We also survey riders and staff to improve our lessons and emphasize the important items to ensure safe riding.

Among the many topics we cover, we stress the rules of riding a Revel — like wearing your helmet at all times — as well as mandatory review of all moped functions and the process of renting a moped through our mobile app.

Riders must successfully complete each of the following exercises in order to pass the lesson and be allowed to ride in public:

  1. Low-speed Maneuvering 
  2. Driving Control
  3. Cornering 
  4. Parking
  5. Driving in Traffic
  6. Defensive Driving

Tailored Approach

Using our mobile app and website, users can find a location and time for a lesson in all of our markets. In addition to our weekly schedule, we often do pop-up lessons at other locations and enjoy partnering with organizations to give lessons in the community. 

We’ve also implemented in-app features in order to ensure that lesson specialists have all of the information needed to give a lesson to a particular user well in advance of the session. For example, every new rider completes a pre-check questionnaire that informs our team of a user’s level of experience. That way, lesson specialists can be prepared to focus on particular concepts based on a user’s comfort level.

Using our Revel employee-facing app, lessons specialists can also check the active status of every rider, making sure they’ve signed our user agreement and completed our in-depth safety training.

Get Moving

In recent quality control surveys on lessons, 96% of our users responded that they were “likely” or “very likely” to tell a friend about taking a lesson, and a majority of users found slow-speed maneuvering, cornering, vehicle overview, and parking to be the most informative lesson subjects. 

Riders who take a lesson receive more than one hour of free riding credit and, after successfully passing it, are ready to ride a versatile motor vehicle that makes exploring your city a unique experience.

Watch below as a lesson specialist demonstrates how to Revel:

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