Our Commitment to Safety

Safety isn’t just a priority for Revel - it’s in our DNA. We’ve built safety into our business from the start, and are constantly strengthening our service to address changing conditions on our streets. Through features like our in-app safety training, helmet selfie and free lessons program, we encourage responsible riding and make our users feel more confident every time they get on a moped.

In-App Safety Training

Our mandatory in-app safety training, created with behavioral and transportation experts, is designed to sharpen users’ Revel skills and knowledge of the rules of the road.

screenshot of the revel safety training multiple choice exam

Helmet Selfie

Helmets are mandatory when riding Revel. Before the start of every ride, both the driver and passenger are required to snap photos of themselves wearing helmets, which are then reviewed to confirm compliance.

screenshot of a revel helmet selfie on an iphone
Automatic Detection

We’ve built a first-of-its-kind system to automatically detect when a rider enters a park, travels the wrong way down a one-way street, or crosses a prohibited bridge or tunnel. When this system is triggered by a rental, the user will be notified and repeat offenses could lead to permanent removal from Revel.

Community Reporting Tool

Both Revel users and non-users can report bad rider behavior that they see on the street through our community reporting tool. Our Customer Experience team reviews every submission and takes action where necessary.

In-Person Lessons

We provide free in-person lessons across all of our markets- including locations in all four NYC boroughs where we operate- seven days a week. Our lessons are designed to help riders get comfortable with basic techniques for operating our mopeds and the rules of the road. Our curriculum was designed in collaboration with experts from the Motorcycle Safety School.

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photo of a person teaching another how to ride a revel moped

NYC Safety Study

Want to learn more about Revel and safety? Transportation expert Sarah Kaufman studied our record in NYC and found that “both on its own and among other providers, Revel offers a safe mode of travel.” (Released in June 2020)

Download the study