Revel's all-employee, all-electric rideshare service will give Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC)-licensed drivers stable jobs with benefits and move New York City towards a greener future.

We’re ready to launch our service, but the de Blasio Administration is standing in our way. On June 22, 2021, the TLC will vote on a rule change that would prevent new licenses for electric vehicles like Revel’s rideshare fleet. 

Revel is fighting back against this rule change, and we need your help. If you want to see Revel rideshare on the road — providing good jobs for New Yorkers and making our city’s air cleaner and safer — please make your voice heard.  

Here are some ways to help:

1) Send this email to the TLC by Saturday, 6/19
As a New Yorker who cares about protecting our city’s environment and creating green jobs, I’m against the TLC’s proposal to eliminate the BEV exemption to the for-hire vehicle license cap and ask that the Commission VOTE NO on this rule change on June 22. 

If this rule change passes, it will ensure that gas-powered cars continue to dominate and public health continues to suffer. Two years after the EV exemption was originally passed, less than 0.5% of New York City’s more than 100,000 FHVs are electric. This just isn’t good enough. New York City can’t afford to lose any more time in the battle against climate change, and companies like Revel are ready to help with an all-electric fleet.

Revel is also creating more than 150 green jobs, giving TLC drivers the option to choose a company that will guarantee them a stable wage and benefits. This is an opportunity that your drivers deserve and that they need. For the good of TLC drivers, New Yorkers, and our city’s future, please
VOTE NO on this proposed rule. Thank you.

Email the TLC

2) Sign up to speak at the 6/22 hearing

If you want to speak at the Tuesday, June 22nd hearing and tell the TLC that you’re against this rule change, make sure to sign up by Monday, June 21st. You can sign up by calling 212-676-1135 or emailing The hearing is scheduled from 11:30 AM -1:30 PM , and you will be able to testify for up to three minutes.

3) Submit your own comment to the TLC

If you’d rather write your own comment, you can submit it to the TLC by emailing Be sure to get your comment in by Saturday, June 19th.